MDX-SR-836 Extension

Construction Cost

$ 138 Million

The project consisted of several steel box girder bridges. Lakes personnel provided the complete design and plans preparation of bridges six and seven, that consisted of a 232 ft box girder bridge over NW 127th Avenue and CSX Railroad. The bridge was designed with MDX Steel Design Software LRFD and verified the design by Hand.  The designed was done in accordance to AASHTO’s LRFD Specification.  Lakes’ personnel assisted in the design of bridges one, two, three, eight, and nine that consisted of multiple curved continuous box girder bridges with steel integral caps on multidirectional bearings supported by single column piers on shallow foundations.  The spans varied but in some cases were in excess of 200 ft.   Lakes’ personnel provided the complete review and design of construction staging of these bridges, which included temporary stability towers. The design was verified in accordance with AASHTO’s Standard Specification and AASHTO’s Guide Specification for Horizontally Curved Bridges.