MacArthur Causeway Bridge

Construction Cost

$ 178 Million

Project included the preparation of an erection plan for the prestressed I-Beams for the widening of the existing multi span post-tension superstructure MacArthur Bridge due to the Port of Miami Tunnel Project. The erection plan included the analysis of the existing prestressed bridge girders to support a 250 ton crane on top of the existing bridge for the erection of the widening girders. In order for the existing girders to handle the loads, structural steel W-beams with stiffener plates had to be placed underneath the crane outriggers, in order to distribute the load into several beams. Had to prove adequacy of the beams to calculations. Duties included the construction load analysis for the erection of precast beams, utilizing the existing post-tensioned structure.  Analysis included live load analysis, time dependent analysis, and secondary force analysis for live load cranes on the bridge.