SW 137th Avenue from US-1 to SW 200th Street

Construction Cost

$ 13 Million

This project consists of construction of a new 3.2-mile-long corridor of SW 137th Avenue between US 1 and SW 200th Street.  The roadway crosses SFWMD C-102 Canal with a bridge (74’ length) and C-102N Canal with a culvert. The corridor sections include 4-lane divided, 3-lane and 2-lane undivided. The project includes flush shoulder and urban curb and gutter, drainage systems both open and closed with exfiltration trench and emergency outfalls, and permitting through DERM and SFWMD. Lakes responsibilities include design and production of construction plans for roadway horizontal and vertical geometry, drainage, signing and pavement marking, lighting, signalization, lighting, structures, utility coordination, and permitting. Project also included the design of an anchored sheet pile wall at the location of a plugged pond due to right of way restrictions. The anchored sheet pile wall will include wales, tension rods and a dead-man wall below the roadway. The Project also required right-of-way acquisition through negotiations and eminent domain condemnation processes in the cases where negotiated acquisitions were unsuccessful.