I-75 at Miramar Parkway, Partial Urbanization

Construction Cost

$ 13 Million

The project consisted of improvements to 17 miles along I-75, including widening to provide new auxiliary lanes on I-75 between the entrance ramps at Miramar Parkway and the Homestead Extension of Florida’s Turnpike interchanges, dual left-turn lanes and widening of eastbound Miramar Parkway to northbound I-75 entrance ramp. The bridge work consisted of the replacement of the precast panel deck of the I-75 Bridge of Snake Creek Canal with a conventional concrete deck, requiring special considerations to avoid detours and allow for continuous traffic flows. This project also involved the reconstruction and installation of traffic signals at the southbound I-75 exit ramp to westbound Miramar Parkway, repaving Miramar Parkway between SW 148th Ave and Dykes Road, addition of designated bike lanes and construction of sidewalks on both sides of Miramar Parkway between SW 148th Ave and Dykes Road, and construction of noise walls along with both sides of I-75 in the project limits. Other items of work included utilities, signage, signalization (mast arms) for intersections on Miramar Parkway, lighting, bridge mounted sign structures, MOT, and minor roadwork on adjoining roadways.