West Venetian Causeway Design-Build

Construction Cost

$ 11 Million

Lakes' personnel provided structural design services for the rehabilitation of the Venetian Causeway Bridge. This Design-Build project includes design and construction to rehabilitate the westernmost portion of the historical Bridge No. 874459 / Venetian Causeway. The project involved the removal of approximately 730 linear feet of the existing bridge (#874459) from the west abutment (begin bridge) to the expansion joint in Span 16. The new bridge was designed to match the cross section and maintain the aesthetics of the existing bridge. The bridge superstructure consisted of a cast-in-place concrete deck supported by precast arched beams. The bridge deck was designed to be 8-inches thick and incorporated an asphalt overlay to match that of the existing bridge riding surface. A total of four precast arched beams, spaced at approximately 11 feet, were designed to preserve the existing cross section and aesthetics of the existing bridge. The bridge was supported by four 42-inch diameter drilled shafts with a cast-in-place concrete cap design. The cap was designed with cantilevered wingwalls to support the new concrete barrier walls and the existing octagonal historic monument concrete towers that were reinstalled on each side of the bridge.