Bridge Engineering

From the large scale Big John Monahan Bridge Project to the refurbishment of the historic Indian Creek Village Bridge Project, our professional engineers provide responsible, sustainable, and high-quality engineering services that are context-sensitive and insure the long-term viability of the structures we design. Our Engineers provide innovative and cost-effective designs, while delivering them on time and within budget.  The LAKES Team has strong experience in designing and managing the construction of minor, major, and complex bridges.  Our experiences include conventional grade-separated bridges, complex multi-level interchanges, long and short span structures, and pedestrian or vehicular overpasses constructed with concrete and steel.  We take pride in fulfilling the role of environmental stewards on behalf of our Clients and are extremely experienced in the facilitation of permits, mitigating construction impacts on the environment, and the appropriate handling and disposal of hazardous materials commonly found on older bridge structures.